We deliver the world’s finest ICT solutions to our customers, some of the biggest names in the East Africa. Supported by a network of engineers, an expert back office team, and our own meticulous attention to detail, the result is a first-class service, a rapid response to any request and around the clock dependability.

Some of our outstanding ICT services are design, development and set up of Call Centers, Providing Cloud Based Solutions for business, Business process virtualization, Microwave Solutions, Optical Fiber Solutions and ERP.

SPTL has emerged as one of the most successful Call Centers Design, Construction, Management and Operations consultancy company in Africa. We have designed some of the busiest call centers in Africa and used our expertise to solve unique challenges for different industries in managing these centers. Our staff has worked hand in hand with clients to map the call center needs and launched diverse call center programs for clients. The SPTL consulting team has succeeded in various industries by using a process driven approach. When you need expert advice, you can rely on SPTL.

Our unbiased consulting provides the right insight to fix your issues. Our support gives you the tools to keep your center humming along. We can help you design and put up call center or repair an entire existing center or fix individual areas.
SPTL understands that business success takes more than just having a cloud based solution for business. It requires having the right cloud strategy, infrastructure and tools to make it all work for your business. At SPTL, we will help you develop the right cloud strategy for your communication and management needs, collaboration within the firm and beyond and compliance with various industry regulations. Our services go beyond cloud strategy development, we help you acquire or lease the right infrastructure while providing with the tools to manage it. Our approach to cloud based solutions for business are inspired by the opportunities that your business is seeking now and in the future.
SPTL is one of very few companies in Africa that provide comprehensive microwave solutions. We have a highly experienced technical team and have partnered with the best microwave equipment suppliers in the world. Our services range from sourcing, designing, installation and repair of various RF & Microwave technology used in various communication needs and services. SPTL is humbled to work with some of the best communication companies in Africa.
Optical fiber is the backbone of modern communication solutions. We deliver high quality optical fiber solutions for businesses across various industries and have a highly experienced technical team. SPTL provides more than optical fiber solutions, it partners with you all the way from strategy, installation, to management and maintenance of your optical fiber based communication network. We have partnered with some of the biggest names in the optical fiber manufacturing companies and have experience working with diverse firms on complex projects.
Enterprise Resource Planning solutions are what makes the difference between efficiently run businesses and quality service delivery. We provide customized ERP solutions to businesses to help them transition to more autonomous and quality transaction handling based on their business needs. Our approach to ERP solutions for business is guided by the fact that while businesses may look alike, each one of them has a defining operational feature that can give them the edge they need to stand out. Talk to us to learn how you can advantage of a custom ERP Solution for your business.
"We handle all the day to day logistics of managing your IT infrastructure so that you can focus on your core business"

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We are the leading Energy and ICT services consultancy and contractor in Kenya and East Africa. The company provides foremost field services, roll-out and support services company. Our technical teams provide inclusive services from design to implementation and support