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Steminak Premier Technology Limited (SPTL) recognises that it has a legal and moral responsibility to manage its activities in such a way to prevent pollution and to reduce detrimental impact on the environment.

This policy statement is achieved through our Integrated Management System that meets the requirements of BS EN ISO 14001:2015 including aspects specific to the; telecommunication, civil works and renewable energy solutions and ensures our business processes are carefully monitored, measured, and controlled to promote a continual improvement in our environmental performance.

SPTL is committed to the continual improvement of its Environmental Management System and will use the Environmental procedures as a framework for the setting and reviewing of Objectives and Targets.

This will involve:
  • Adopt operational systems and procedures that ensure compliance with all relevant laws,
    regulations and other requirements relating to the environment.
  • Integration of environmental factors into business decisions.
  • Set documented environmental objectives based on our significant environmental aspects,
    compliance obligations and considering our risks and opportunities.
  • Where possible seek to influence the design and specification of our projects to ensure that
    environmental impact is minimised as far as is practical.
  • Ensuring considered use of resources of all kinds, including the promotion of recycled and
    recyclable materials wherever possible.
  • Engaging our employees in environmental matters through training, communication and
    continuous evaluation of processes and procedures.
  • Establishing company procedures to ensure that waste is managed in line with legislation
    and that all parties involved in the waste production, transportation, transfer, and disposal
    process comply with their waste management requirements.
  • The company’s environmental performance will be assessed annually through management
    review to ensure continued improvement and compliance with relevant regal and other
Protecting the environment not only makes good commercial sense but is also an investment in our future, both short term and long term. SPTL therefore is committed to adopting this policy to achieving commitments of this policy.

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